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The Secrets Of Nilhorn is small Roguelike/Dungeon crawler game. Game is now in pre-alpha stage. We try to experiment with features add something new and so on. In current version you can pickup one form 2 classes and try to fight for you life on 3 procedural generated levels.

Game is testes but crashes can happen :)


WASD - walking

Q - pickup weapons / interact

TAB -session info

Mouse - look and attack

Escape - in-game pause menu


Thanks for playing

Install instructions

To run game you must install dependencies from Dependencies folder:

1. Dirext X:

- go to Dependencies folder and extract directx_Jun2010_redist.exe to some folder.

- go to extraction folder and install direct x from setup file

2. Visual C++ redist

- go to Dependencies folder

- if you have 32 bit systam install vcredist_x86.exe otherwise vcredist_x64.exe

3. .NET 4.5

- go to Dependencies folder

- open file NDP451-KB2859818-Web.exe to install .net 4.5


The Secrets Of Nilhorn Pre-Alpha 0.2 new 133 MB

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